Parent Profile – Jose Maldonado Sr.

Jose Maldonado Sr. was born in Nogales, Mexico, 42 years ago. Currently he works as an auctioneer, traveling between Tucson, Nogales, and Phoenix supervising automobile auctions. He and his lovely wife Dora   have three children between the ages of 10 and 13. All three play handball.

For the past three years Jose’s connection to handball has been providing transportation for his children to attend practices and tournaments. Recently he decided to give handball a try as he has been wanting to get back into exercising. As a youngster he played baseball, soccer and tennis. Baseball was his favorite.

He started playing big ball at the outdoor courts in Randolph Park and after a few weeks began playing small ball. Now he claims he is “addicted.” He’s playing six days a week with his kids and close friend, Alfonso “Fonzie” Romero. His goal is to begin playing regularly with seasoned adults and eventually become a tournament player. Jose has played one-wall, three-wall and four-wall and claims one-wall is his favorite.

At the recent 24 hour Handball for Healthy Hearts marathon held at the Tucson Racquet Club, Jose played a total of three hours, staying until 2AM to complete his matches. The following day he arrived at the club, proudly displaying the hand bruises he developed for his efforts.

To date his biggest thrill was defeating his 12 year old superstar son, Jose Jr. Senior vows never to give Junior the opportunity for revenge. However he would love to play doubles with his son in some type of tournament like a father and son doubles event. That would probably lead to playing doubles with his 13 year old daughter, Marisol, in a father and daughter tournament.